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Come to the enticing land - South India! The South India tours attract tourists from all over India and the world on account of its territory dotted with tourist spots. The tourists throng the God's Own Country - Kerala to witness the enchanting backwater destinations and the breathtaking landscapes. The Tamil Nadu state is having the famous temples known for its exceptional art and Dravidian architecture. The wildlife sanctuaries like Mudumalai, Bandipur and Periyar make the bird watchers' and nature lovers' paradise. The historians, artists and the archaeologists find their mental gratification in the historical sites like Hampi, Hospet, Hassan etc. The temple cities and pilgrimages like Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Rameswaram, Sravanbelagola, Madurai etc. satiate the tourists spiritually.
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Home » South India Temples » Murugan Temple

Murugan Temple - Tamilnadu

Location : 45-km From Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Presiding Deity : Lord Subramanya
Significance : One of the 33 Major Temples Of Lord Muruga In Tamil Nadu
Festivals Celebrated : Skanda Sashti In October-November, Margazhi Tiruvadirai, And Navaratri

Tirupporur (place of the sacred war) is one of the 33 major temples of Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Muruga, situated 25-km away from Chingleput and 45-kmfrom Chennai. Tirrupporur is an ancient temple dating back to the Pallava period.

Tirupporur is known by different names like Poriyur or Yuddhapuri or Samarapuri. It is believed that after vanquishing Soorapadman at Tiruchendur, Skanda destroyed the rest of the demons at Tirupporur.

History of The Temple
Inscriptions dating back to the early 10th century as well as from the period of Vikrama Chola of the 12th century can bee seen in the temple. Tirupporur flourished but faded into oblivion for some time.

But Tirupporur was rediscovered and renovated by Chidambara Swamigal in the middle of the seventeenth century. Tirupporur was who is said to be a descendant of one of the poets of the "Tamil Sangam" of Madurai. Previously this place was a forest covered totally by Palmyra trees.

The image of the Lord Muruga (also spelt as Murugan) is believed to be as "Swayambhu Murti", which lay covered up by an anthill. Chidambara Swamigal is said to have discovered the image of 'Skanda' in the anthill, and then rebuilt the temple and reinstalled the image.

The temple was later on looked after by the decedents of Chidambara Swamigal and brought it to the present day fame.

The Legend
There are many legends related to Tirupporur according to one, Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi were subjected to the curse of Kanva rishi. In order to liberate them from its effects Lord Shiva came to this place and relieved them from its effects.

Hence Tirupporur temple has a lot of significance where Lord Shiva and his son Muruga (also spelt as Murugan) are worshipped. The Sthalapurana also discloses that Lord Muruga with his consorts Valli and Devayanai granted protection to devas and expounded the meaning of Pranava to Agastya Muni at this place.

According to legend, Skanda enunciated the principle of pranava or reality to the devas here. The very concept of Pranavam is said to have worshipped Skanda here, and the hill behind the temple is known as "Pranava Malai". Legend also has it that Vishnu worshipped Shiva on the Pranava Hill. Legend also has it that Skanda worshipped Shiva as "Vanmeekeswara" to rid himself of the sin of having killed Soorapadman. Another legend has it that Skanda enunciated the principle of pranava or reality to the devas here. The very concept of Pranavam is said to have worshipped Skanda here, and the hill behind the temple is known as "Pranava Malai". Lord Vishnu worshipped Shiva on the Pranava hill.

Legend also has it that Skanda worshipped Shiva as Vanmeekeswara to rid himself of the sin of having killed Soorapadman.

How to Get There
  • Air
    Nearest airport is Meenambakkam in Chennai; it operates both national and international flights.
  • Rail
    The nearest railway station is at Chennai, which is a major junction.
  • Road
    Tourists can access Tirupporurur by road either from Chennai or Chengalpattu. Private taxis and regular buses ply from Chennai and Chengalpattu to Tirupporurur.
About The Temple
This temple enshrines Skanda in several forms relating to legends from the Skanda Puranam. The foremost of these is the depiction of Skanda as a warrior, "Samhara Subramanya". He is also enshrined in the form of a child, expounding the meaning of the oneness of creation Om to his father Lord Shiva.

On the eastern side of the temple is sanctum sanctorum wherein one can see the 'Palmyra' tree and the anthill under it wherein is "Kanda Perumal" with "Valli" and "Devayanai" on a small Peetha. Chidambara Swamigal used to perform Abhishekam to these images. The image of the lord in the anthill is covered with Kavacha and other jewels but no Abhishekam (also spelt as Abhisheka) is performed for this deity.

There is a 24-pillared hall and a 30-pillared circular hall in this temple. There is a shrine to "Vembadi Vinayaka" under a Neem tree. The two sacred Teerthams (also spelt as Teerthas or Theertahs), "Saravana Poigai" and "Valliyar Odai" are on the southern side of the temple. On the eastern side of the Teerthams, there is a Mandapam of four pillars. There is also another Teertham by name "Pranavamritam".

Services And Festivities
The deity is offered four worship services each day. Skanda Sashti is celebrated in the month of Aippasi (October-November). Other festivals that are celebrated over here include "Margazhi Tiruvadirai" and "Navaratri".

South India Temples
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